Google To Depreciate Bookmark Manager Chrome Extension


Google will be bringing an end to its Bookmark Manager Chrome extension on August 15 in favor of the browser's built-in manager. For clarity, that's the browser extension which is downloadable from the Chrome Web Store while the management tool found at "chrome://bookmarks" will remain intact. The extension hasn't been updated in quite some time and Google appears to be consolidating its services and offerings. There simply isn't any need for a duplicate of the functionality that's already built in. Google has also continually pushed to update all of its built-in and web-based products to meet Material Design standards. It makes more sense to remove repeated features, rather than to complicate the process of updating and maintaining those standards across the board.

The move won't necessarily make using bookmarks more difficult for users either since the functionality of the extension is already in the browser itself. Both show a list of bookmark folders along the left-hand edge with a search bar at the top of the page. Contents of bookmark folders are displayed on the main portion of the interface. The primary difference is in the aesthetics, with the built-in tool utilizing Google's more card-like design scheme. In the latter, settings, options for adding or removing bookmarks, and more, have been moved to the three-dot menu at the top of the page on the right-hand side. Accessing the built-in feature is fairly intuitive as well. Users need to click through the three-dot menu found at the top-right side of the Chrome interface and then click on the "Bookmarks" option. From there, selecting "Bookmark manager" will open the tool. Conversely, users can navigate to the URL above in a new Chrome tab or press "ctrl + shift + O" to the same effect.

Simultaneously, the search giant will reportedly be bringing an end to another extension called "Save to Google." That other extension serves a similar purpose to bookmarks but allows for full web pages and photos from image searches to be saved in-browser. It was also added to Android as of last year, with new features for that being added in September to the Google app. It's not immediately clear whether the depreciation of that will apply only to the extension or if the feature will eventually be phased out completely on all platforms.


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