Google Testing Quick Reply Support In Chrome For Android


Google Chrome on Android may soon offer the option to reply to notifications directly from the status bar. The feature was noted in a the Chromium Gerrit by XDA-Developers and is basically an extension of the already available Quick Reply feature on Android. Quick Reply came about with the introduction of Android 7.0 (Nougat) and acts as an easy way for Android device owners to respond to notifications without having to open an app.

Generally speaking, this is more commonly used by messaging apps allowing the user to tap on a message notification, type the reply and send it. However, this new Chromium Gerrit suggests the feature could soon be active for notifications received through Chrome, and potentially for any notification. For example, websites are already able to send users Android notifications and this feature would then allow those users to directly reply to that notification – again without having to go through the many clicks that might be involved otherwise. At present, it remains to be seen when this feature might go live – if it does go live. As the references found clearly indicate it is still in a testing phase, and prior to the testing phases associated with the early alpha and beta versions of Chrome, such as Chrome Canary. Therefore, this will still need some time to be ironed out and pass through the usual channel hurdles before it becomes readily available to Android devices owners using the main Chrome app. One of the additional hurdles will also be the support for the feature by websites. Something which may prove to be ever more of a wait, as the support will likely be added slowly on a site-by-site basis.

In the meantime, what might become available much sooner is a self-imposed 5-minute loading time for background tabs in Chrome on Android. This was also recently spotted and would mean the Chrome app stops background tabs from loading once five minutes have elapsed. The idea here is to save on data, battery, and also speed up the performance of Chrome for Android in general. Compared to the Quick Reply support, the loading limit support seems to be much further down the development line, and much closer to delivery.

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