Google Takes Aim At The Competition With New Chromebook Ad


Google's Chromebook division has a brand new advertisement that is very obviously aimed at Apple and Microsoft's operating systems. Playback begins with a straightforward message asking users whether or not they "have time for" and displays the competition's "busy" icons. Things escalate quickly from there with a prominent showing of Mac's store sign-in pop up and the screen filling with Windows error messages. That's followed by even more error messages about storage, apps stopping or failing to run, virus warnings, and complete system meltdowns. The madness doesn't end there either as the company's ad also brings forward the tediousness of updates on competing systems. From there, it puts the two other OS's well-known loading and installation bar issues front and center, poking fun at how those seem to very rarely be accurate or consistent. Everything comes to a head with one final error message, colloquially known as the 'blue screen of death' before finally talking up the merits of Chrome OS and in particular highlighting Google's own Pixelbook Chromebook.

Chrome OS devices are updated very regularly, at least for the first few years, and this means they receive security, software, and operating system patches quickly. It also happens to be among the most difficult systems to crack. Google has proved this year-after-year by running contests and offering big cash rewards for anybody who can break the OS and then replicate the break. It's by no means perfect but its vulnerabilities are generally fixed relatively quickly and there don't seem to be quite so many of those, to begin with. If things do go wrong, a utility is available to quickly reinstall Chrome OS and as long as the sync features were turned on – then work is unlikely to be lost. On the update side of things, Chromebook updates take very little time to install – often requiring just seconds to go from clicking the 'update' button to logging back in. Furthermore, 'the cloud' is a huge part of Chrome OS, meaning that users won't necessarily be constrained by internal hard drive space.

However, the ad goes quite a bit further and also touts the fact that modern Chrome devices have Android built right in. That's allowed users to download and run a huge variety of apps from the mobile OS without needing an emulator. Google showcases this point by running through a rapid-fire showing of Android app icons from some of the biggest names in the industry. Apps for document editing, photo editing, art, productivity, and more are highlighted running on the Pixelbook. Of course, the company is also quick to point out that there are plenty of new Chrome OS devices available for purchase – for those who don't want to mess around with the issues often associated with other operating systems.


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