Google Decides To Rename 'Chrome Duplex' To 'Chrome Duet'


According to a code change request in Chromium Gerrit, Google is planning to rename 'Chrome Duplex' to 'Chrome Duet'. Google seems to be ready to make this change so that this feature does not get confused with the Google Duplex AI that the company introduced at this year's Google I/O. Now, many of you probably haven't even heard of 'Chrome Duplex', so let us explain what's it all about.

Quite some time ago, Google launched 'Chrome Home' advanced feature in Chrome Canary and Chrome Beta, which was later available in the stable Chrome app via 'chrome://flags' menu. Just to be clear, that feature was available through that very same menu in Chrome Canary and Chrome Beta, it was not a full-fledged feature you could toggle in the app's settings. In any case, Chrome Home basically introduced a bottom navigation bar in Google's Chrome browser, but that feature never made it to mainstream, Google never introduced it as a full-fledged feature. Having said that, Chrome Home was replaced by Chrome Duplex a while back, and at first, Chrome Duplex did not bring a bottom navigation bar, but at one point, Google changed that. The company continued improving Chrome Duplex, and it actually looks really decent now, Google cleaned up its design, and it looks a lot better than Chrome Home did, it even seems to be ready for mainstream, even though it's still available in Chrome Canary only, which is an app available in the Play Store, and an equivalent to Google's regular Chrome app, but it's a lot less stable.

If you'd like to test out 'Chrome Duplex', which will soon be renamed to 'Chrome Duet', you'll need to download Chrome Canary, and in the address bar type 'chrome://flags'. Once that menu opens, find 'Chrome Duplex' (or 'Chrome Duet') option, click the drop-down menu, and select 'enabled'. At that point, you will need to reload Chrome Canary, and once that is done, a bottom bar will be available to you. If that is not the case, then you should download a VPN, and select the 'US' as your country of choice. That feature should be available to everyone at this point, but a couple of weeks back it was available only to US users, so… who knows. We still do not know if Chrome Duplex aka Chrome Duet will ever make it to the regular Chrome app.

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