George Takei Launches White House AR Android App, House of Cats

George Takei of Star Trek fame has released a new app that focuses on the White House, cats, and United States President Donald Trump. The app is called House of Cats, and it's surprisingly feature-packed for what it is. A cat version of President Trump is at the center of it, and he interacts with the environment, spouts real Trump quotes or whatever you want him to say, and reacts to touches. You can use the app in AR mode to put "Trumpy Cat" in the real world for photo opportunities, or observe him in his natural habitat, the Oval Office where there are a bevy of fun things to poke at. The app costs $.99 in the Play Store, and 1% of all of the proceeds benefit Refugees International.

In Oval Office mode, you can move your device or swipe to rotate the place. Click on Melania Cat to see how she reacts, or give Kim Jong Un Cat a poke and watch his reaction. A dog version of Stephen Miller waits behind a curtain, and when you tap him, he instructs Trump to garner applause by holding up a paper. Along the bottom, you'll find a photo button, a recording button, the Hint & Preferences button on the far left, a quote button on the right, and the Mic Mode button next to it. On the top left, you can open up AR mode and put Trumpy Cat wherever you please. The top right holds a media library of the shots you've taken of Trump Cat so far, allowing you to share and modify them.

This is far from the first app to make fun of Donald Trump, but it's the latest one, and pulls few punches when it comes to the content. The Google Play Store listing suggests there are more features in the pipeline, while the press release states a premium subscription option is coming soon. The app is compatible with both Android phones and tablets and requires a minimum of Android 5.0 to run. Those interested in taking a closer look at the app can download it through the link below.

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