Fortnite To Be Galaxy Note 9 Exclusive For 30 Days: Report


According to an anonymous source cited by 9to5Google, Epic Games is finally almost ready to release Fortnite on Android, but it will only be available to Samsung Galaxy Note 9 users for 30 days. Presumably, this means that the game will be out for the phone as soon as it releases, which is supposedly going to happen on August 24. This would mean that would-be Fortnite players on other devices won’t be able to score a Victory Royale until around late September. If this is the case, those who want to play the game as soon as it’s released but don’t want to buy a Galaxy Note 9 to do so should be advised that grabbing an unofficial APK file could be dangerous, and Epic Games may very well have checks in place to ensure that only Galaxy Note 9 owners play the game until the full release.

If you would like to play Fortnite on Android right now, your best bet is to use Steam Link. If you don’t have a computer that can run Fortnite sitting around, you could use any computer you can get your hands on to run a remote console app, such as Sony’s Remote Play for PlayStation 4, to play from a console on the computer, then stream that to your phone. There are a ton of fake APKs and misleading articles and videos floating around that can lead you to scammy pages or infect your device with malware, so if you’re trying to find any way besides one of those two to play Fortnite on your phone right now, take heed that the real deal from Epic Games is not out yet, and you won’t find anything good.

Fortnite has been on iOS since March, and the four-month wait has understandably made some Android gamers more than a little antsy. The wait is apparently almost over, and if this latest report is correct, fans will be able to enjoy Fortnite on their phones during those cozy fall nights or while cooped up inside to escape the winter chill. As with any anonymous insider’s reports, however, this one should be taken with a grain of salt.