Deal: Nuraphone In & Over-Ear Wireless Headphones $299 – Prime Day 2018


As part of the Amazon Prime Day festivities, Nuraphone has a pair of headphones for your consideration. However, there are unlike any pair of headphones you have probably encountered before as while they are definitely headphones, they are definitely also earbuds. These come with a retail price of $399 although for Prime Day the price has been slashed to $299.

To explain, these Nuraphone headphones are over-the-ear headphones which sit on your head and lock around the ear. However, they also feature earbuds within each ear cup and this is not just a design quirk, but something designed to offer a real and functional benefit. As the design allows the two aspects (cup and bud) to focus more exclusively on what it should. For example the driver in the cup provides the bass and lower mids while the earbud driver works harder to deliver the higher mids and the tops. Essentially, these headphones are a personal two-way audio system.

If all that was not enough, the corresponding app seemingly comes with some learning feature that once set up and running helps the headphones to become more accustomed to the individual wearer's listening spectrum and apparently then starts to curate the sound to be more in line with that spectrum – in short, a sound tailored to your ear. In terms of the more mundane aspects, these headphones are wireless headphones and come with a battery said to offer up to 20 hours of usage on a single charge. While six microphones are also included to assist with voice calls. So yes, when it comes to originality, these Nuraphone headphones are about as unique as it gets, and with a 25-percent discount available – they might be worth a try.

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