Deal: MJYUN True Wireless Earbuds For $27.99 With This Code


If you are looking to test our a pair of true wireless earbuds but are not so keen on paying a premium price to do so, then it might be worth checking out this pair from MJYUN. These earbuds are already designed to be affordable as they can currently be picked up for about $39.99 on Amazon. However, using the coupon code below will take roughly 30-percent off that price, bringing the total down to $27.99. Which, for a pair of true wireless earbuds, represents seriously good value for money.

As these are true wireless earbuds they do make use of Bluetooth to establish a connection with a playback device. Due to this being version 4.2 in use, buyers can expect a reliable connection to be made and maintained up to a distance of 10 meters. Each earbud comes equipped with a 50 mAh capacity battery to offer up to two hours of uninterrupted music playback. One of the benefits of the design on offer here is the case is not just a case but also a charger with the case itself loaded with a rechargeable 500 mAh capacity battery. So when the earbuds are not in use and stored away properly they will automatically be receiving a charge again. According to MJYUN, the case capacity should be good to provide up to four additional full charges before it also needs to be charged again. As is to be expected, these headphones also support hands-free calling, as and when needed, while controlling the audio is as simple as tapping the button on one of the earbuds.

One of the additional benefits of true wireless headphones is the comfort, as these are designed to be discrete and fit snugly into the ear, thanks to their lightweight and compact, yet durable build. More importantly, these earbuds have been designed to be ‘stay put’ earbuds, so once they are in the ear, they stay in the ear. As for the sound quality, these earbuds draw on a DSP-equipped audio processor to ensure the quality of the sound is as good as it can be. More details on the MJYUN Wireless Earbuds are available through the link, and if buying, make sure to use the coupon code below to take advantage of the limited-time $27.99 price.


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MJYUN True Wireless Earbuds - $27.99