Cut Off Gmail Third Party Access With A Security Checkup


It was revealed not long ago that your Gmail can be a conduit for third-party app developers to access your data, and as it turns out, Google's new Security Checkup tool can help with that. While this functionality isn't necessarily always used with ill intent, Even so, some users may want to cut off that functionality entirely, keeping developers out of their Gmail data and taking away another possible breach point for their personal data. If you're one of those people, Google's Security Checkup tool can help cut off developers and keep your data safer, though some apps that use your personal data for their core functions may not function quite as well.

To access the Security Checkup tool, you'll need to head to its dedicated page. Simply type "Security Checkup" into Google to reach the page on your PC or mobile device. Once you're on the page, start the checkup, and the tool will list some categories with issues for you to look over. The different categories will be assigned green, yellow or red icons depending on how much of a threat the items inside them are. The category you want, regardless of those ratings, is "Third-party access". You'll see a list of apps with access to your Gmail or other parts of your Google data set. When you tap or click on one of those apps, you can check out more information on what the app is allowed to do, or simply revoke its access.

The rolling out of the Security Checkup tool and the controversy over app developers gaining access to your Gmail account aren't necessarily directly related, though Google has spoken out about the issue. According to Google, any developer that gains direct Gmail access is carefully vetted before being handed access to users' data. The Security Checkup actually came out a bit before the Gmail controversy, as a semi-direct response to the EU rolling out the GDPR. Even so, it's quite useful for checking out everything about your account and your personal data, and exerting whatever level of control you may want to ensure that your data is as safe as you want it to be.

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