CARROT Weather App Delivers Deadpan Weather Forecasts


Some apps throw snarky one-liners at you with varying degrees of relevance and some apps show you the weather, but CARROT Weather does both, along with a number of other things. You can check out the weather for your current location at the current time, throughout the day, and even throughout the week with just a couple of taps, and of course, the app will be there to snark at you the entire time. You can also uncover clues that can help you find hidden locations in the app, which can trigger special events and other surprises. There's also a subscription service available for $0.99 a month or $3.99 a year that will get you some extra features. The whole thing is built upon accurate weather information provided by Dark Sky.

The app's basic screen shows the current temperature and conditions in your location, along with some beautiful art representing the skies overhead and a juicy one-liner to give the forecast its zing, arguably the core of this app's appeal. The app's snark all depends on what the weather conditions are like, with a bit of variation. It can spout off its own twists on memes, reference pop culture, or simply state the weather in the snippiest, most deadpan way possible. Secret locations can be discovered and charted in the app to unlock bonuses, as well. For those willing to pay for the subscription, there's also a time-traveling feature that can show you the weather as far back as 70 years, and a customizable widget that brings the snark, and of course the weather, to your home screen.

There are a large number of beautiful and feature-packed weather apps in the Play Store, but CARROT is the only one that can claim both total accuracy thanks to Dark Sky's data, as well as total attitude. It's also one of the more user-friendly weather apps out there, with every feature right out in the open for you to use from the get-go. If you're looking for an Android app that will keep you up to date on an hourly scale while giving you a chuckle, hit the Google Play button below.


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