Boxing Star Has Already Garnered 1 Million Pre-Registered Users


A new game from FourThirtyThree, Boxing Star, has already gotten over a million pre-registered users on the Play Store, and it's not hard to see the reason for the hype. The studio's pedigree aside, this game promises to be the Need For Speed of boxing; you'll customize your boxer's entire life, including their look, their ride, their home and more, and participate in wild, visceral boxing matches. The game has a control scheme built from the ground up for mobile devices, allowing you to dodge, block and counter like lightning without your fingers, other in-game control bits or anything else getting in your way. Pre-registration is still open as of this writing, and when the game's slated July 12 release date rolls around, players who pre-registered will get some in-game cash, premium gold, and a tribal chest tattoo for their in-game boxers.

There's a fairly deep character customization mechanic, as well as purchasable homes and vehicles and a posse system, that all set this apart from other boxing games in the Play Store. As you gain more fame and more money, you'll be able to buy and show off better homes and cars, which confer boosts that can help you both in and out of combat. Character customization includes your outfit, accessories, tattoos, hair, and the cosmetic appearance of your avatar itself. Once your character is ready to go and you jump into a bout, you'll find yours and your opponent's health up at the top of the screen along with the timer. There's also a hyper gauge that builds up throughout the match, and allows you to unleash special moves. Left and right arrows control dodging, a shield icon allows you to block, and swiping and tapping your device will unleash regular strikes.

FourThirtyThree, stylized as 4:33, already has a fairly rich game library in the Play Store. The studio is responsible for popular and highly-rated hits like Monster Super League and Battle Boom, and has another game in the works, called Mad Rocket: Fog of War. The studio's pedigree readily crosses genre lines, too; Monster Super League, for example, is a Pokemon-inspired monster collecting RPG, while Battle Boom is a quick and frantic real time strategy game.


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