Boxing Star Brings Intuitive Sports Action To Android


433's Boxing Star is now live in the Google Play Store for everyone to download and brings intuitive controls and fast-paced boxing action to Android. Players will find themselves swiping, tapping and holding both fixed and context-sensitive controls to jab, uppercut, dodge, and use special moves, all in a formula that's simple at its core but very hard to effectively master. The game's story mode sees you graduating from a local fight club and making your way up through the ranks to become a pro boxer, and eventually dethrone the champ.

Unlike many mobile games, this one thankfully doesn't suffer from a long-winded and non-optional tutorial. You start off in a bout as the champion who you'll eventually take down, where you learn the basics of the game fairly quickly, then start off the story mode by creating your character from one of three basic designs. You'll name your boxer, but essentially choose from three characters whose looks and gear you'll customize later. Once you've made your boxer, you're taught how to navigate the menus and a few more fighting tricks while fighting off angry goons from the fight club you frequent. Footwork is taken care of by dodging either left or right, and attacking is done with taps and swipes. There's also a hyper gauge mechanic that gives you a special super move to perform once you fill your gauge. A successful dodge will temporarily slow down time, an extremely satisfying mechanic that's been in a number of popular video games down the years and is very well done here. You can easily take down early enemies with brute force and good reflexes, but managing your stamina and figuring out later opponents will require some strategy. Overall, the action is extremely satisfying, and boxing fans won't find much to be disappointed about. There's RPG-like character progression through training and a customizable skill tree, as well as a loot system in the form of gear that you can win or buy, and then enhance.

The game went on pre-registration a little while ago, and if you pre-registered during that period, you'll get a few in-game bonuses. Unfortunately, those bonuses are not available to early adopters who download the game now. In any case, if you'd like to check out some of the friendliest pick-up-and-play boxing action Google Play has to offer, hit the button below.


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