BlackBerry KEY2 'Guided Tour' Video Appears On YouTube

BlackBerry KEY2 tour video 1

The BlackBerry KEY2 is arguably one of the more interesting smartphones that got released this year, and the company has just released its official ‘Guided Tour & Device Walkthrough’ video. That video appeared on the company’s official YouTube page, and it has a duration of about five minutes. If you’re interested in purchasing the BlackBerry KEY2, or you’d just like to know more about the phone, this video may be worth a watch.

In the video itself, BlackBerry emphasizes the phone’s design, features, and security / privacy. The BlackBerry KEY2 comes with a frame made out of a series 7 aluminum, which essentially means it’s quite sturdy, while some sort of a rubbery material is applied on its back, so that it does not slip out of your hand easily. The device sports a 4.5-inch display, while the phone’s main feature is its QWERTY keyboard, which is now considerably larger, compared to the KEYone’s keyboard. This keyboard also comes with a new key which allows you to set up over 50 shortcuts on that keyboard, needless to say, that offers users plenty of customizability, and also productivity at the same time. A 3,500mAh battery is included in this phone, and you can recharge it using Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 fast charging, which is also something that BlackBerry emphasizes in this video.

The company also mentions the KEY2’s camera modes, such as 2x lossless zoom, and ‘Portrait Mode’, though the KEY2 is not primarily a camera phone, of course. BlackBerry’s well-known convenience key is included on the side, while a fingerprint scanner is embedded into the space bar on the phone. BlackBerry claims that the KEY2 is the most secure Android smartphone in its new video, while the company also mentions the DTEK device monitoring application which is included on the device, and which allows you to access granular settings, and plenty more. BlackBerry Hub is also mentioned in the provided video, along with plenty more KEY2 details. If you’re interested, check out the embedded video, and if you’d like to dive in deeper, feel free to check out our full review of the BlackBerry KEY2.