BlackBerry Ghost Said To Be Equipped With 4,000 mAh Battery

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BlackBerry Mobile’s currently unannounced “Ghost” smartphone is said to come powered by a 4,000 mAh capacity battery, according to a new tweet from prominent industry insider Evan Blass. This is the first new rumor to have surfaced about the handset since Blass’ previous tweet which indicated that a summer launch is expected for the Optiemus Infracom-produced smartphone. If the new information is accurate, then it is likely the BlackBerry Ghost will be positioned in the higher side of the flagship tier when it comes to battery capacity, specifically.

As for the rest of the known information on this BlackBerry Mobile top-tier smartphone, it is expected to run Android OS and will likely feature the latest iteration of Oreo. In addition, Ghost will most likely be covered and underpinned by BlackBerry’s own solutions for mobile hardware and software security systems and its own near-stock iteration of Android itself. Optical zoom and low-light enhancements are rumored to be included to support the smartphone’s dual rear camera array. Unlike other BlackBerry models, no physical keyboard is expected with the BlackBerry Ghost, making it an all-screen Android phone.

Although the Canada-based Optiemus Infracom is one of the official OEMs for BlackBerry Mobile-branded devices, it hasn’t been generating very many smartphones under that brand over the past year. That has mostly been left to TLC, who has manufactured devices such as the new successor to the company’s BlackBerry KEYone, the BlackBerry KEY2. What’s more, the brand hasn’t been released in a “top-tier” category in the US for quite some time, suggesting the Ghost is unlikely to get a US release either. Optiemus Infracom has a long-standing contract for licensing the brand in markets such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. So there’s a high likeliness that the new BlackBerry Ghost will appear in those markets, as well as in Europe and Asia. The above-mentioned KEY2 is a well-made mid-range handset but is not cutting edge. So there’s a good chance an exception won’t be made for the BlackBerry Ghost.


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