AMC Premiere Comes To YouTube TV, Costs An Extra $5 Per Month

YouTube TV subscribers can now access AMC Premiere for an additional $5 per month. Making YouTube TV only the second service to offer AMC Premiere, following the initial availability of the AMC-based add-on to Xfinity TV customers in June of last year, and the first digital live TV service to do so. AMC confirmed the launch of support for YouTube TV on July 11, 2018, although the deal between the two was first announced back in February of this year. The add-on can now be added to a YouTube TV Subscription by heading to the YouTube TV website, opening the menu, clicking on Settings, and then selecting the AMC Premiere option under Membership. Alternatively, users can add the new AMC option by opening the mobile app, clicking on the account icon, then heading to Settings, and Membership.

For those new to this add-on, this is designed as a richer way to engage with AMC content. For example, while YouTube TV customers already gain access to AMC and its new shows as they are released, AMC Premiere offers commercial-free access to those shows. As well as member exclusives, additional show-related content, and “the ability to binge certain shows ahead of linear viewers.” Therefore, AMC describes this option as an “upgrade for viewers who want a premium AMC experience.” Those unsure of whether this is the right service for them, are able to test run the add-on for seven-days for free. This is only one of many add-ons currently available to YouTube TV subscribers, with SHOWTIME, STARZ, CuriosityStream, Fox Soccer Plus, Shudder, and Sundance Now all also available - at varying additional monthly prices starting from $3 per month.

The addition of AMC Premiere to a YouTube subscription currently comes in at $45 per month for new customers, while those who were customers before the recent YouTube TV price increase took effect can expect to pay $40 in total - after adding AMC Premiere to their package. A price YouTube has managed to keep low in spite of a recent report coming out suggesting the baseline package (excluding these add-ons) currently costs Google and YouTube $9 more than the service currently charges new subscribers.

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