Xbox VR Support Seems To Be Off The Table

Xbox VR support seems to be off the table just a couple of short years after Microsoft boasted that its upcoming console, then known as Project Scorpio, would have support for high-end virtual reality headsets to help it compete with Sony's PlayStation VR offering. Now it looks like the company has no plans to move in that direction at all and instead may choose to continue focusing its VR/MR efforts on its Mixed Reality hardware that it has out for PCs. The company views virtual reality and mixed reality as being better-suited to the PC platform, while Xbox is best for offering experiences that are "played on the TV." 

Xbox CMO Mike Nichols puts it sort of bluntly, stating that there are just no plans for any Xbox VR hardware or content, noting that the company wants to focus on more broadly creating games and other content for the Xbox that are still played on the TV. Basically Xbox wants to keep the controller in your hand and your eyes on the big screen and it wants to continue in this direction on a bigger scale. This doesn't necessarily mean that Xbox will never get VR or MR support as was originally expressed, but for now there are simply no plans to bring anything to the table which means gamers who want a VR experience on consoles will need to look to Sony, or stick with VR or MR on the PC platform.

This might not feel like such a bad decision to some. After all VR still has more ways it could improve before it really grabs the attention of the mainstream consumer and if Xbox doesn't feel it's ready, then offering it before that point or at all if there's not much interest from the company itself would probably complicate things. Sure Sony taking a risk with PSVR was just that, a risk, but Sony was already sitting in a good position with its console without the VR element, and although Xbox hasn't been doing too shabby most months have seen it fall behind the PlayStation 4 in sales. Taking this into consideration it seems like Microsoft and the Xbox division are more concerned with enriching what it already has going with the Xbox platform without adding new platforms into the mix.

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