Why Your Small Business Needs a VoIP Phone System


Small businesses today still need a reliable phone system to conduct transactions and operate smoothly. While traditional phone systems still work, most large companies and even small businesses prefer an internet telephone system or VoIP. This system combines the functions of a computer and a phone through the use of an internet connection. From the description alone, it is already evident that using a VoIP for business is a wise decision.

Increasing productivity

Multitasking helps employees perform several functions at once. Through a VoIP system, you can integrate telephone calling with other necessary tasks such as sharing of files, and video conferencing. Internet telephony also eliminates the costs of paying for a traditional phone connection. Earlier versions of VoIP were not as excellent as they are now. With improving technology such as the mainstream use of fiber internet, VoIP is only bound to get better in the coming years.


Enhances mobility and flexibility

It is not uncommon for small business owners to travel and for employees to be on the road as well. VoIP is a reliable tool for communicating while on the go. You can make cheap phone calls anywhere there is an internet connection. It also allows the user to integrate other applications such as send emails or browse the internet while actively engaged in a phone call.

Relatively easy to use and manage


Contrary to what some may assume, VoIP is, in fact, easy to use and troubleshoot. It also eliminates the clutter of multiple cable connections from traditional phone systems. Businesses can increase the scale of use without much trouble. There is no need to install new hardware because most updates are done via the software. Furthermore, it relies on the same network used for the company's internet connection, hence, adds to easier management and cost-effectiveness of the service.

What to look for in a VoIP service

When it comes to finding the right VoIP for small business use, what are the must-have features you should look for from a service provider?

  • The service provider should have flexible packages and pricing. Small businesses need to pay only for what is appropriate within the scale of use.
  • The service provider should also have a reliable and dedicated support line. Any problems encountered with the system will be an inconvenience to any small business. Great customer service is a must when choosing a VoIP provider.
  • VoIP is not meant to be complicated. The business should not have to purchase expensive hardware in order to migrate to a VoIP system.
  • Most importantly, the quality of the connection should be excellent.

In general, what small businesses should look for are packages that are affordable and provide some additional perks and features such as video conferencing and screen sharing. There is no need to buy-in to any expensive and unnecessary features.