'Westworld: The Maze' Is A Free Adventure Game For Alexa


Westworld is one of the most popular TV shows at the moment, and a new Westworld-themed Alexa game has been announced. This game is called 'Westworld: The Maze', and the app has been launched by HBO, a company who actually airs the show itself. Westworld: The Maze is actually HBO's first full-scale Alexa voice skill, and you're looking at a rather immersive game, which will test your knowledge of the show as well, HBO says.

Needless to say, this is a voice-only game, as this is Alexa we're talking about. In the game, you will play as an unnamed Westworld host, and will have to find your way through three levels which have over 60 storylines and 400 unique games choices. You will face various riddles on your journey, and will have to ask the right questions in order to proceed. The point is to make it to the center of the maze, of course, as the game's title says. It is also worth noting that this game uses the series' complete sound library, which means you will encounter a number of well-known characters, which will be a treat for fans of the show, that's for sure. HBO says that you have more than two hours of gameplay at your grasp, even though you can technically finish the game in about 20 minutes, if you're extremely knowledgeable about the show, and you managed not to get killed along the way.

In addition to announcing the game, HBO also released a promo video for it, that video has been released via YouTube, and is embedded down below. This game is free to play, and all you need to do is have Alexa at hand, as you'll need it in order to play this game. That is pretty much all the info that we have at the moment, and this may be the perfect time to release this game, as the second season of the series is coming to an end soon, so this will be a nice little time-waster for the fans of the show.


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