Verizon's Oath Introduces New VR Advertising Prospects


Verizon subsidiary, Oath, is looking to bring advertisers more concretely into the VR space with innovations in brand-building centered around a programmatic VR and new 3D ads formats. The first of those two underpinnings is possible thanks to a partnership with the VR ad specialists at Admix and programmatic trading infrastructure BidSwitch. Joining those two companies and their respective technology platforms together with Oath's own digital signal processing (DSP), Oath has created a system to tag standard "display and video creative assets." Those are then pushed into VR inventory to allow them to be shown in VR environments. Meanwhile, the company says it can also develop full VR advertising experiences on the same platform and that its services are already available for customers in both the U.S. and U.K.

Tied in with that, Oath says, are the company's 3D ad formats. As the name might imply, the ad formats essentially allow VR users to interact with the advertised product or associated scene in a full 3D environment. Building on the company's previous work with augmented reality, the 3D ad formats for VR take things a step further. Oath provides example partners such as LG, Chevrolet, and Peugeot, so it's not a stretch to imagine a VR wearer interacting virtually with a brand new smartphone or television from the former company. On the other hand, larger spaces such as those used for the emerging VR theatrical experiences market would be prime locations for showing off a brand new hatchback or Corvette. Unlike traditional advertising or even standard VR ads, it seems as though the technology would be much more immersive and satisfying. It's easy to imagine a reduction in annoyance among consumers with regard to advertising that lets them walk around and interact with various parts of a vehicle or other product.

Last but not least, Oath highlights Brandblazers. That's a new initiative the company is undertaking which will highlight new approaches to the use of these types of technology. While still focused on advertising, the company hopes to use the annual initiative to push and inspire creative minds involved with the process. Each successive Brandblazers will place emphasis on solving issues in the space or creating consumer moments.

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