Users Report Sound Problems With Samsung Galaxy A8 (2018)


Reports are beginning to pop up online indicating that the 2018 iteration of Samsung's Galaxy A8 may have a problem with its speaker software. More directly, the users are observing that the handset has been suffering from speaker cut-out while charging since an update was sent out back in February. As shown in at least one video uploaded to YouTube, the jittery playback appears to only happen at those times. However, other Galaxy A8 owners have noted that it also occurs when the battery is mostly charged and that it only happens with the hardware speakers. Bluetooth or headphone playback remain unaffected. That seems to point to the hardware as the underlying culprit but it's been presumed that this is a software issue since it doesn't crop up at all when the Galaxy A8 is placed in service mode.

As of this writing, however, there doesn't appear to be any real fix available for the problem and users are reporting that turning the handset in for repairs is not alleviating it. In fact, the malfunction reportedly continues to persist through a factory reset or even while users are running the device in safe mode. Meanwhile, although this type of issue could ordinarily be ignored as users patiently wait for a fix, it's also happening during phone calls. So it is essentially disrupting the use of the phone entirely when the battery is in the above-mentioned states. So users are understandably very upset since that prevents the device's use as a smartphone at unpredictable intervals.

Despite that, Samsung has not come forward to acknowledge the problem. That's left users with nothing but speculation and frustration. Perhaps worse, that means there's really no way to know for sure, at this juncture, just how widespread the issue actually is. Of course, there's a chance that the company is already aware that the speakers are cutting out and is already working on a fix for whatever bug might be causing this. With any luck, that will turn out to be the case and Samsung will release an update in the near future to address this. But for now, everybody experiencing this is just going to have to wait.


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