Synative To Show Off New Playable Ads Platform

Synative Logo from Facebook official

From June 28 through June 29, advertising startup Synative will be taking to the White Nights gaming conference in Russia to show off a new playable ads solution of the same name. The goal of the Synative ad platform is to provide game creators and in-game mobile advertisers to create fully interactive ads using the Synative video editor. In the shortest possible terms, that will allow those advertisers to bypass the resource-intensive process of creating those advertisements from the ground up. What’s more, the company says its platform is ad network-independent. So Synative customers won’t need to get tied down and can choose whichever network best suits their individual requirements or change networks as needed.

No subscription or user-based pricing information is available, as of this writing, and the company doesn’t plan to reveal either until the platform launches. However, it is offering a limited number of free trials to be run in addition to showing Synative at the above-mentioned gaming conference. Those will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis to the first 50 development teams that sign up through the website through July 15. The goal of the trial is to give mobile developers a taste of the program and garner feedback via a limited beta run. Participants will be contacted by a representative if they’re chosen after applying and then upload a video file and end-card to the Synative video editor platform. The video can then be broken down into various stages based on where the developers would like to allow users to play with the ad, with motion controls such as swipes and taps added for interactivity. Once completed, the newly generated advert is exported and users will receive a short link which can be added to social or advertising networks.

With any luck, the trial will go well and Synative will gain valuable feedback needed to allow for a smooth launch. Ordinarily, web experts or other professionals must be hired to create a separate advertisement such as those seen between plays in mobile games. For teams that already have the talent, additional time and resources still have to be allocated for that process. If Synative’s platform works as advertised, that could feasibly be a problem of the past. That, in turn, may help fuel the growth of mobile gaming in the years to come.

Synative Ad Platform Free Trial