Sling TV Gets Price Increase, À La Carte Channels & Free Content

Sling TV Android TV AH 1

Sling TV has today announced some wholesale changes to its streaming service with the first notable change being a baseline price increase. As customers who are subscribed to Sling TV’s ‘Sling Orange’ package will see the price rising from $20 to $25. According to Sling TV, the price increase will not impact those subscribed to the combined Orange And Blue package, with the price for that setup remaining at $40. The new price increase takes effect from today, and unlike a similar recent increase from YouTube TV, existing customers will not be locked into the old price with those existing customers set to see their price increase showing up on their August bill.

To counterbalance the price increase, Sling TV has also announced it’s introducing a new free option. This is basically an option for those who currently do not subscribe to Sling TV the ability to test-run the service by gaining access to some free content without a subscription. As an example, free access is said to include access to “more than 100 hours of free TV shows and movies,” including shows like “Flip or Flop,” “Good Behavior,” “The Detour,” and “Wrecked,” among others.

Sling TV is also introducing more of an à la carte channel menu than it did before. Via this change, users can opt to subscribe to specific channels at an individual cost. For example, consumers can gain access to just SHOWTIME for $10 per month, Stingray Karaoke for $7 per month, or Dove Channel for $5 per month. As well as more sports-focused packages including an NBA League Pass for $28.99 per month. The important point to note here is none of these channel subscriptions require a Sling TV subscription in general, so those who just want to access SHOWTIME through Sling TV, and nothing else, can. As an extension of this, the standalone approach also applies to pay-per-view (PPV) events going forward. So once again, anyone will be able to just buy access to a one-time event irrespective of whether they have a Sling TV subscription or not. As to be expected, these changes will also result in some general changes to the interface which will initially be noticed on Roku devices.

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