Silly Walks Adventure Game Now Available On Android As Well


Some of you may have heard of Silly Walks, as this game has been available on iOS for a while now, and it has finally made its way to Android as well. You can now download Silly Walks via the Google Play Store, and the game is free to download and play. Silly Walks is an adventure game which got so popular because of how cute its graphics and character look, and because of its rather interesting mechanic that we'll talk about in a second.

This game is all about tapping your display, as that will make your character move around, collect items, and do all sorts of stuff. This game brings household objects to life, and creates an adventure out of it. The faster you tap on the display, the faster will your character move, but you cannot change direction as easily as you think. When you stop tapping, your character will stop and start jumping on one leg in circles, which will give you a chance to change direction, and start tapping away to head into a different direction. You can also swipe to dash, which will be quite useful during battles. Controls have been made this way on purpose, and it's rather difficult to feel completely comfortable using them, which is the whole point. You can play as a pineapple, cupcake, hot dog, noodles, and a number of other characters, depending on how far you've come in the game, of course.

Along the way, you will need to avoid a number of enemies, and get involved in various battles, including boss battles. You will need to avoid getting squashed by meat hammers, run away from cheese graters, and so on. The premise of the game is also quite silly and fun at the same time, as the evil blender has kidnapped your friends for later blending purposes, so you have to rescue them. This game is currently holding a 4.9-star rating in the Play Store, after around 40 ratings, which is a good sign, as this is the first version of the game, and people seem to love it, which probably means it's also relatively bug-free. If you're interested, click on the Google Play banner down below in order to install the game on your Android device.


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