Rumor: Samsung Gear S4, Galaxy Tab S4 To Launch After Galaxy Note 9

By John Anon June 18, 2018, 2:56pm
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The Samsung Gear S4 smartwatch, as well as the Galaxy Tab S4 tablet, will not launch along with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, according to a new rumor. The information, which surfaced on Twitter suggests the two Samsung-based products will be launched following the Galaxy Note 9, and most likely during this year’s IFA event in Berlin.

Although this is just rumored information at the moment, on the face of it, the details directly go against recent reports - at least with the smartwatch. As those reports have suggested Samsung was planning to launch its new smartwatch at the same time as its new smartphone, with the latest of these reports/rumors having only come through a matter of days ago. Like this new rumor, however, the previous information has also yet to be verified and so there is no firm indication on when the Galaxy S4 (or the Tab S4, for that matter) will be announced. One point to note, is the previous information was less clear on whether it would specifically launch at the same event as the Note 9, and instead alluded to a launch in August - which is when the Galaxy Note 9 is expected to launch and what has led to many assuming the product launches are linked.

So while on first impressions it does seem as though the two rumors contradict each other, that might not technically be the case. As IFA 2018 is set to begin on August 31 and Samsung will undoubtedly be one of the headline acts at the event. Therefore, if the Gear S4 (and Tab S4) are unveiled at IFA, and as to be expected during the opening stages of the event, then it may still technically be an August launch. Albeit, a very late launch in August. This is contrast to the reports which suggest the Galaxy Note 9 will be unveiled and officially announced much earlier in the month - most likely on August 9. Besides the expected launch date, there has been very little information coming through on the Gear S4 smartwatch, compared to the Tab S4 which has seen a number of its rumored details and specs revealed.

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June 18, 2018, 2:56pm
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