PUBG Mobile Gets Arcade Mode, First-Person Mode & More


PUBG Mobile has just gotten an absolutely colossal update today that brings in a new first-person mode, an arcade mode that changes up the game's dynamic, a Royale Pass feature that rewards skilled players, a wide range of new emotes, custom finishes for weapons, and even finishes for the plane, to be chosen by whoever has the highest Royale Pass level in a round. This gargantuan content boost brings the game up to version 0.6.0 in the Play Store. The new update is live for all right now, and you can download it to your device of choice by clicking on the button at the bottom of this article.

First-person mode is the biggest new feature for most people, as it completely changes the way that the game is played. You can enable it in the options menu, but be warned, it does not work in vehicles; you'll only be seeing through your character's eyes while their feet are on the ground. As for the Arcade Mode, it drops 100 players into a much smaller arena than normal, and dots that arena with three times more weapons. Official estimates say that matches should last around twenty minutes, but if things get wild, much shorter and more destructive matches or long standoffs could easily erupt. The Royale Pass feature ranks players by giving them missions to complete and a corresponding point system. Getting enough missions done each week will net a player some additional crates.

On more minor features, the game now sports a number of new emotes, making it easier to communicate and goof off with players around you. Finally, speaking on finishes, you can now have a custom finish applied to your weapons. When entering a match, whoever has the highest rank and most points according to the Royale Pass system will get to choose the look of the plane that everybody rides into battle. This system has the potential to add on special missions, limited-run rewards and other staples of mobile gaming that can be observed in popular RPGs and even older shooters such as Dead Trigger 2. This, of course, is just speculation for now.


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