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Pokemon fans have another mobile game to look forward to, this time in the form of Pokemon Quest, an exploration-based action title with simple controls and a cute, blocky art style. Anybody familiar with Pokemon Rumble or its Wii U and 3DS sequel Pokemon Rumble World, or the Japan-exclusive smartphone version of the game for that matter, will know largely what to expect here. The game is currently in a pre-registration phase, though the link below may not work worldwide, and no release date is listed at this time, with Nintendo previously only saying the Android port should be out in July. Pre-registering on the Google Play Store will ensure you get a notification when the app is released in your territory.

The objective of the game is to hunt around for treasures on Tumblecube Island, where everything is a cube, which explains the art style. While hunting for this geometrically exact treasure, you'll find various items that you can use to lure wild Pokemon to your camp in order to build up your Pokemon army. In turn, that Pokemon army will be how you press forward, fighting your way through both large waves of weaker Pokemon and stronger bosses in order to spread out and explore more of the island. You'll also be able to decorate your base, which will not only spruce it up, but also carry some bonuses. A crafting system in some form also seems to be on board, though information on that aspect of the game is scarce for now. The original 151 Pokemon from Red, Blue, Yellow and Green on the original Nintendo Game Boy are all here, though there's no word yet as to what role legendary Pokemon will play or how to get them.

This game is the latest in what is set to be a long line of Pokemon mobile games, following on the success of the massively popular augmented reality game Pokemon GO. The Pokemon brand in general is flourishing right now, with a duo of new spinoff games announced and detailed for the Nintendo Switch, as well as a proper series sequel set to hit Nintendo's flagship console in the near future. With all of this momentum, fans can likely expect to see spinoff apps and games hitting mobile platforms soon, likely with some feature interlock with the Switch. For example, in Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! and Let's Go Pikachu!, you'll be able to trade your Pokemon GO collection into the console game, though not vice versa.


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