Plum Uses An AI-Powered API To Simplify The Hiring Process

Advertisement has a new solution which injects A.I. into the hiring process in order to address problems and improve the efficiency of that process. In fact, by combining the technology with psychology across 24 trillion data points, the company says its system can improve things by as much as 400-percent. It not only works via Plum's own platform but can be integrated with relative ease into existing application-tracking platforms such as Greenhouse thanks to the associated API. Beyond helping to ensure that applicants are a good fit, the company says it can go further by ensuring enhanced diversification. That's been a serious point of concern for quite a few large companies, so it should prove very useful. Moreover, the A.I. tool can analyze for no fewer than ten "on the job" success points which the company says give insight into the future success of the applicant. That includes how well they will work with a team and help resolve conflicts or problems.

The A.I. itself is built around what the company calls "Industrial/Organizational (I/O) Psychology." It's a system that analyzes potential employee applications to assess work ethic, ability to innovate, what they'll contribute to organizational culture, and more. The result is a Plum Match Score which can, in turn, be used to reduce the amount of time ordinarily dedicated to manually going through applications. Based on some examples the company points to on its website, it can reduce turnover thanks to its accuracy and efficiency. Some companies have been able to reduce turnover by as much as 43-percent while others have cut the number of resumes examined by managers by as much as 88-percent. In at least one case, that managed to cut the time required by the process by around 37-percent.

Although the company hasn't outlined how its tech works when implemented inside other pre-existing solutions, its own tools also seem very straightforward. The process starts with a survey which is taken by the hiring team of a company in order to define the "behavioral needs' for a given role. That's said to take somewhere around six minutes to complete. From there, applicants to the job take their own survey which is used by the I/O Psychology-based algorithms to present managers with the best fitting applicants. Managers can view the applicants via a dedicated dashboard that provides an overview and in-depth analysis of each candidate for a given job.

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