Philips Hue Line Of Outdoor Smart Lights Now Available For Pre-Order


Back in March, Philips Hue announced a new line of outdoor smart lights, which consist of around eight different lights. These lights are now available for pre-order and will begin shipping next month. These all work within the existing Philips Hue ecosystem, which means that these work with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa as well as the Philips Hue app and can be controlled remotely, making it a great way to light up your backyard with ease.

First up is the Philips Hue Lily, which is a strobe light that can be angled anywhere you'd like, perhaps on the side of your house. The Lily supports millions of different colors, so it can really be useful and fun when you are hosting get-togethers outside, and at night. The Lily is priced at $79. The Para38 is pretty similar, these are simply flood lights that are now smart. So you can use these in your existing outdoor light sockets and make them smart. There's also the Inara and Lucca which can be mounted outside your front door, and turn on once you get home, making it easier to unlock your front door (if you don't have a smart lock) and it also looks nicer and more welcoming then just darkness.

There are a few other models available as well, and all of these range from around $50 to $100. These aren't cheap, of course, Philips Hue products aren't cheap anyways. Remember, these all need to use the Philips Hue Bridge to connect, so you're going to need to already have one, or pick one up as well. The Bridge will work with all of Philips Hue's products, since each one doesn't have WiFi built-in, you do need the Bridge to be able to connect them to WiFi and so forth. You can pre-order the new Philips Hue Outdoor Smart Lights using the links down below.

Pre-Order Philips Hue Lily Pre-Order the Philips LED Indoor/Outdoor Dimmable PAR38 Bulbs Pre-Order the Philips Hue Inara Pre-Order the Philips Hue Lucca

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