OPPO May Deliver A Different Notch With 'Find X' Android Phone

OPPO Find X Teaser Screnshot

OPPO may soon deliver an Android smartphone with a display notch that's unlike anything the mobile industry offered so far, as indicated by the company's latest teaser hinting at the arrival of the Find X. The image that can be seen above shows the middle of a transition between the contour of the handset itself and its name, with the shape of the blue light pointing to an extremely curved screen cutout which may be somewhat wider than most other notches but could flow more freely alongside the top edge of the handset, hence attracting less attention and scoring extra style points.

Display notches have been a highly polarizing topic among tech enthusiasts over the course of the last year, having already been criticized by some vocal consumers following the release of the Essential PH-1 and the subsequent debut of Apple's iPhone X in 2017. ASUS, LG, OnePlus, Huawei, and many other popular phone makers embraced the new display aesthetic ever since, with virtually all of them arguing how doing so was a functional choice made in an effort to provide users with more screen real estate while simultaneously not increasing the overall physical footprint of their devices. Notch-equipped handsets effectively have their notification bars pushed up, flanking the cutout itself; when not account for that asymmetrical stripe, those 19:9 panels effectively act as 18:9 (2:1) displays.

While Apple introduced the cutout in order to implement a 3D camera into the iPhone X, no one except Xiaomi followed that philosophy so far, with display notches on Android phones being much smaller and designed to house front-facing cameras, light sensors, and earpieces. The OPPO Find X isn't likely to go against that trend even if its notch ends up being much more curved than what handset makers have been delivering so far. The Android-powered device is scheduled to be officially unveiled in Paris on Tuesday, June 19.


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