NETGEAR's Arlo Debuts New Service Plans With AI, Extended Video Recordings

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NETGEAR’s popular Arlo division which houses all of its smart cameras, have just announced some changes to its service plans. There are now three plans available for all of Arlo’s smart security cameras, starting at $2.99 for the Arlo Smart plan which is per month and per camera. The other two plans are simply per month, no matter how many cameras you have. And those plans are Arlo Smart Premier for $9.99 and Arlo Smart Elite for $14.99 per month. The first plan is new, and it’s a way for Arlo to get more customers on-board on its plans and to offer the new AI features that are announced today.

Included in today’s announcement, Arlo is now offering up to 60-days of video recording, so instead of only keeping recordings for 30 days, users can now keep them for 60 days. On top of that, Arlo is announcing Smart Alerts for Arlo cameras. Using advanced algorithms, Arlo cameras will learn to understand what they are actually seeing. This is going to reduce the number of notifications you’ll receive. Arlo has included Smart Alerts for Person Detection and Cloud Activity Zones, so you can define motion zones, and also personalize alerts for people the camera sees. For instance, you can set it to notify you when your kids get home, and because it recognizes them, it will tell you that your kids have come home. Instead of making you think someone broke into the house. Finally, Arlo is also including Rich Notifications, so you can see a live stream from the camera in the notification shade.

As mentioned already, there are three plans available now for Arlo cameras. There’s the Arlo Smart plan that is $2.99 per month, per camera, and it is a pretty basic plan. It includes everything from the Basic Plan that Arlo used to offer, so you can store video for up to seven days, on up to five cameras. But now you also get Arlo Smart, with all of the Smart Alerts. The next step up, Arlo Smart Premier is $9.99 per month for up to 10 cameras. It features everything that Arlo Smart has, and adds on e911 emergency call services, so you can have the camera automatically call the police if it detects someone in your home. Finally, there is the Arlo Smart Elite, which is $14.99 per month and has all of the features of Arlo Smart Premier, but works with 20 cameras. This is a good plan if you have cameras around your office or business, and have that many cameras.


These changes to Arlo cameras are available today through a software update. So you should be able to open up the Arlo app on your smartphone and start the download. It is likely a staged rollout, so it may not be available immediately, but it should be within the next few days. Arlo is working to make its wire-free cameras smarter, and these new Smart Alerts are really going to make these cameras smarter, and give your smartphone notification shade a break.