MoviePass To Charge More For Certain Movies During Busier Times


MoviePass is set to make some changes which will likely result in higher costs at certain times, and for certain movies. The information on this comes from a report out of Business Insider which directly credits the information as coming from the company's CEO, Mitch Lowe.

MoviePass plans to introduce "high demand" pricing which essentially works along the same lines as 'surge pricing' with Uber. As MoviePass customers will be expected to pay more to see a movie when the movie theater is likely to be busier than usual. Unlike the Uber method of temporary price increases, however, it seems the MoviePass implementation will be somewhat decided in advance. While the details on this are still not confirmed, the clear suggestion is during an opening weekend for a popular movie the high demand pricing will be in effect, resulting in a minimum of a $2 increase for MoviePass customers. According to Lowe, this is not necessarily designed to increase more revenue, but to work as a motivator for MoviePass customers to see a high-profile and popular movie during less busy times – like weekdays or non-opening weekends. According to the details, the high demand pricing will start to take effect in the coming weeks, although those who have signed up via an annual plan will reportedly be exempt from the additional costs.

Following the introduction of high demand prices, MoviePass is also set to launch two new features. One of which will be the option to see an IMAX and/or 3D movie – something that is currently not available to MoviePass subscribers. However, once again this will come with an additional cost involved which is said to likely be in the region of $2-6 per movie. It is not clear if these additional costs will stack, for example when opting to see an IMAX movie during a so-called high demand time. The other new feature is the option for MoviePass customers to also purchase a ticket for someone who does not have a MoviePass subscription when reserving their own seat. Besides the convenience of booking both seats at the same time and together, there does not seem to be any additional benefits for the non-MoviePass person as the additional ticket is expected to cost as much as it would if purchased directly from the movie theater. According to the information, both of these features are set to go live in the app in August.

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