Motorola Making A Big Announcement On August 2 In Chicago

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Motorola has just released a new video on YouTube that promotes an announcement for August 2nd, In the description of the video Motorola states, “Say “hello” to a whole new way to connect, stream, download, video chat, and more”. There’s not a lot shown off in this video, it’s a quick time lapse in Chicago that lasts about 12 seconds. But we do know that the announcement is taking place August 2 at 2pm from Motorola’s headquarters in Chicago. This is likely where the Moto Z3 Force will be announced. The Moto Z3 Play was announced earlier this month, which is similar to Motorola’s schedule for the Moto Z2 family last year.

While there’s not much to go on with this video from Motorola, it is very likely to be an event for the Moto Z3. However, it may not be the typical event where Motorola invites a ton of press to come see the new phone. This could be a small get-together or even something that is only live-streamed on its YouTube channel. That will likely be confirmed in the coming weeks, seeing as we are still over a month away from the announcement as it is.

There are a few phones that Motorola could unveil at this event. There is the Moto Z3 Force which many may feel is the most likely candidate, seeing as the Moto Z2 Force was announced about a month after the Moto Z2 Play last year, at an actual event. But there is also the Motorola One and Motorola One Power smartphones, which are Android One devices, and don’t have predecessors, so it’s quite likely that Motorola could have an event for those two smartphones, as they are something new for the company here. However, for now, it’s all speculation, seeing as the event is a little over a month away, there’s plenty of time to wonder what Motorola may announce.