Monument Valley 2 Makes $10.4 Million In A Year


Mobile developer ustwo Games has released a new infographic highlighting the first year of sales for its popular title Monument Valley 2, which managed to rake in just over $10.4 million in its first twelve months on the market. That's not quite as big as something like Fortnite, which garnered around ten times that amount, but ustwo Games is a relatively small developer. In fact, for the game in question, its core development team was comprised of just 16 members. So the company has shared its data hoping to show both what a successful launch from a small developer studio looks like and possibly provide some insight into how it accomplished the figures. Compared to the original title, Monument Valley, the latest iteration generated nearly double the revenue. That first game also took a full 15 weeks fewer to develop with approximately half of the team while the newer title took 70 weeks to complete from start to finish.

That appears to show a strong correlation between the resources poured into a project and return on investment. Delving deeper into ustwo's numbers, the newer game also cost approximately $2.26 million to develop compared to the first title's $852,000. The company spent just over half of a million on marketing but didn't report those figures for the original game. That marketing helped create a return of $728,000 on the first day following launch day. Setting that aside, there also seems to be a connection between how the title was initially launched. While Monument Valley 2 is a paid title in the U.S., accounting for 16.3-percent of purchases and just 2.6-percent of unique installs, it's a free-to-start title in China. The latter country accounted for 62.3-percent of sales in year one and 91.4-percent of all unique installs. Moreover, it seems to have performed best on both Android and iOS during discounts and at launch but not, by comparison, during periods where it was offered for free. During discounted periods the developers saw revenue upwards of $30,000 per day but free offerings barely registered a peak of under $10,000 per day.

In total, Monument Valley 2 was installed on more than 30 million devices in its first year, including installs from family app-sharing plans, free downloads in China, and unauthorized downloads. Official sales were closer to 3.5 million with iOS accounting for more than half of sales. Android users made up 7-percent of revenue, compared to the 'other' category at 33-percent. The latter of those categories includes a wide variety of devices utilizing application stores that are not Google Play Store or App Store. Amazon-specific devices made up 0.7-percent of revenue.


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