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The official mobile game tie-in to the hit HBO show Westworld is now available on the Play Store, and it puts you in charge of a simulated Westworld park, from the manufacturing to the entertainment and everything in between. The game borrows heavily from Fallout Shelter, and will thus be familiar and pretty easy to pick up for anybody who's played that title. You'll start with a mostly barren Sweetwater and an underground laboratory, and build your very own Westworld from the ground up. It'll be up to you to train AI hosts, build attractions, and make sure guests are taken care of.

The game starts you off manufacturing a small selection of hosts. It's your job to assign the right hosts to the right guests for interaction. You'll get rewards based on how well the interaction went, such as money or codes to manufacture new types of hosts, and if a host happens to have a core memory triggered during the interaction, you'll get some bonus rewards. You'll need to put up new buildings, upgrade your command center to support everything, and upgrade your framework underground to keep up with manufacturing and training enough hosts to keep guests happy, as well as keeping up with installations both above and below ground. Naturally, there are a number of callbacks to the show that fans will appreciate.

Mobile game tie-ins for TV shows and movies have a reputation of not being stellar, but that has been changing in recent years, with games like Suicide Squad: Special Ops setting the graphical and gameplay bars for tie-in titles ever higher. This particular game is made not just to be a quick, single-serving tie-in to hype you up for the show, but a full-on, long-term mobile management sim, much like its gameplay inspiration, Fallout Shelter. Much like in the show, all is not as it seems, and there's a subplot happening beneath the surface of things that you can get involved in if you so choose, adding a rather interesting story element to what would otherwise be an addiction-driven game type. If you're into management and building simulations, Westworld, or both, click the Google Play button below to give the game a shot.


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