Lineage 2: Revolution Gets New City, Costumes & More


Lineage 2: Revolution is getting an update that brings an entirely new city, along with new costume sets for your characters, among other new features. The new city is called Magnadin, and it's meant to serve as a hub for the new challenges that await outside its walls, also a part of this new update. A few major new features are coming, some of which are housed in Magnadin. Players will now be able to access a beauty shop, character and item storage, and a training scarecrow that players can smack around at their leisure to check their CP, try out new skills and get a feel for their fighting style.

The city of Magnadin is definitely the focus of this update. There, you'll find the beauty shop, where you can change your avatar's look, as well as the aforementioned training scarecrow. You'll also be able to access item storage in town, and even transfer items between your characters, so long as they're under the same account. The Mercenary's Spirit buff is attached to the defeat of a new World Boss, and will be bestowed on every character inside the city of Magnadin when the boss falls. There will also be a parade in honor of the player that beat the boss. There's also a new, less difficult Roc field boss, and a Roc Hatchling mount, along with new accessories and some tweaks to the game's Enhancement system. It's worth noting that you can obtain the Roc Hatchling's unlock in this update, but a future one will give you the ability to actually use it. Finally, this update marks the beginning of the Official Season of the Honorable Battlefield.

This latest update is not the first major content addition the game has had since launch by any means. A recent patch bumped the level cap up even further than 180, for example, and brought a slew of new endgame content like UR equipment and entirely new areas with stronger monsters. Previous updates have mostly focused on rolling out gameplay tweaks and new bossses. Lineage 2: Revolution is also not the only PC-esque MMORPG in the Play Store, though it is one of the larger and more detailed of the bunch when it comes to the anime-inspired genre of free-to-play MMO that dominated the PC scene in the early to mid 2000s. Fans of World of Warcraft, on the other hand, will want to check out Gameloft's Order and Chaos series, while hardcore action RPG fans may find some of Asobimo's works, such as Avabel Online, to be a bit more satisfying.


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