LIKE Adds AR Body Shaping Tool To Its Social Video Platform


The social video sharing platform LIKE has now been updated with a brand new feature called Shaping Magic which allows users to utilize the app's AR body detection technology to reshape their body. Built on a new A.I.-based algorithm, that means users who aren't entirely comfortable with their leg-shape, waist, arms, hands, or whatever else will be able to fine-tune themselves in real-time. That's based on A.I.-built body and skeletal modeling accomplished by the app's. While the new feature is arguably not great for the state of honesty in Internet-based media sharing, it could possibly be argued as being helpful for the self-image of users. What's more, it looks as though it could be used to create some insanely fun and quirky body tweaks. In any case, the latest feature joins a huge swath of others already included in the application. In total, the app has over 300 free-to-use special effects at the user's disposal, earning it an Editor's Choice award from Google's Play Store team. For those who have yet to check out the app, that's on top of more than ten million Android downloads and over 700,000 reviews rating the app at 4.6 stars.

The app itself is completely free to download and, as already mentioned, has quite a few similarly impressive features. The only in-app purchases are for in-app currency used to rank up and reward fellow users for the content they upload. Of course, those features includes the usual laundry list of AR stickers and beauty-enhancement functions. Among the more commonly-seen enhancements, there is also a skeleton-tracking tool called Super Power lets creators implement "supernatural" effects to various body parts to present the appearance of having, as the name implies, superpowers. Meanwhile, Music Magic matches special effects applied to a video to background music the app catches playing during recording. 4D Magic is another great feature, allowing for image editing and effects to be applied to the background. The efficiency of developer BIGO TECHNOLOGY PTE. LTD.'s algorithm allows for that to work well even with multiple people moving around in a single video.

Aside from the inclusion of the new body-resizing feature, the latest update to LIKE also includes optimizations to the interface which should make all of its features easier than ever to use. A grand total of nineteen "functional" optimizations have been included as well. That should mean a smoother experience overall, on top of the newly added ability to go hands-free while recording. All of those features, taken in combination, equate to what could be among the best apps of its kind that's currently available on Android.


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