LG Bringing Voice Assistant Features To Hotel Rooms


LG Electronics has now announced it plans to bring a number of features available in the smart home to hotel rooms. The announcement was made during this year's Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference (HITEC) currently underway in Houston, Texas and was designed to showcase upcoming TV sets which will be made available to hotels and their guests with a view to offering a like-for-like experience with the home.

As part of the announcement, LG confirmed it will make available "a new hotel TV smart ecosystem" which is largely powered by voice commands as the new ecosystem not only supports the Google Assistant, but also Amazon Alexa. On one level, this multi-assistant approach will offer hotel guests the option to make use of the voice assistant technology they are more familiar with, while at a more fundamental level, this will result in an ecosystem which supports a greater variety of smart home-enabled products. In addition, as this is largely a TV-focused ecosystem, this is one which looks to put content first by offering hotel guests a greater choice of the type of content they have access to, as well as the way in which they access the content. For example, the new hotel-focused ecosystem looks to combine broadcast TV with streaming services, as well as the option to connect additional hardware devices, as and when needed. This is also in addition to coming with support for select LG-specific features, such as Smart Share and the company's Gallery App – so hotel guests can just as easily connect their own devices to the TV and access photos, movies and music.

LG did not provide any details on when these new TV sets and ecosystem are expected to be available in hotels, but did note the experience is now on show at HITEC for those interested in taking a closer look. It's also worth noting this is not the only hotel-focused in-room entertainment news to come through this week, as at the same event DISH announced it's intention to integrate Netflix with its own in-room entertainment solution, EVOLVE. Like LG's new ecosystem, DISH touts one of the primary benefits of the Netflix support is to offer hotel guests a more familiar entertainment experience when traveling and away from their usual home setup.

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