HeartBit Integrates AI ECG Monitoring Into A Wearable


Budapest-based startup HeartBit is looking to refresh the fitness wearables category with an electrocardiogram (ECG) device created in partnership with IBM. Unlike other wearables in the segment, the HeartBit monitor isn't worn on a wrist. Instead, it's a system of five sensors spanning three leads and embedded in a silicone chest strap. Each sensor gathers electrical signal data generated by a heartbeat at a rate of 2,000Hz per electrode. That adds up for a total of 10,000 data points per second, compared to the standard measurements taken by other wearables at around two to three data points per second. That makes HeartBit easily capable of being the most comprehensive heart-measuring wearable ever created.

With that said, measurements don't mean much without analysis and, in the case of heart health, actionable feedback from that analysis. So HeartBit is compatible with a smartphone app available on both Android and its competing operating systems. The connectivity allows HeartBit to take advantage of IBM's BlueMix Cloud solution and Watson technologies, specifically IBM Watson Data Science. The startup says it can use that partnership to provide wearers with alerts about heart health and monitoring for long-term signs of more progressive issues. That approach to personal heart profile building should not only help users optimize their workouts but also manage their overall heart health. Machine learning from IBM's platforms enables that degree of personalization and gives users the information in the form of comprehensive charts.  Whats more, the charts can be sent to a user's doctor or specialist with a single button tap inside the dedicated HeartBit app. So customers won't necessarily need to work out all of those complex details and nuances associated with healthy heart care alone.

There doesn't appear to be a set launch date or any pricing or availability information yet for the new wearable. With that said, HeartBit CEO George Kozmann Jr. says that the company plans to bring the device to market quickly thanks to the scalability provided by its partnership with IBM. In fact, Kozmann expects sales to be in the tens of thousands within the first 12 months.

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