Google Now Highlights Teacher-Recommended Apps In Family Link


Google has now announced a new Family Link-related feature which is designed to showcase apps that have been "recommended by teachers." The new feature appears within the Family Link app as a card and highlights what Google refers to as "nutritious" apps. From this list, parents will have the option to either tap to immediately download the app or click through to find out more information about any of the recommended apps.

The new feature is designed to ensure parents can gain access to suitable apps for their children in a quick and efficient manner. Allowing those parents to navigate the complicated and congested Android app market by drawing on teachers as a filtering tool to streamline the best options, and in particular for much younger users with Google noting the feature will be best-served to parents of children aged between 6 and 9 years. Google also explains that while the wider plan is to make the feature available "to more countries over time" the current launch is only applicable to US-based Family Link users. With no specific details on where or when it will become available next. The Google-provided image below shows how the new feature will be displayed within the Family Link app.

Google first launched the Family Link app back at the start of 2017 as a means to add an extra layer of control to parents. Initially, this was more of a one-stop shop to micro-managing the content a child is exposed to through their smartphone, although over time Family Link has expanded to become more of a discovery tool as well. With this latest nutritious apps feature being a prime example of that expansion. With parents not only able to now control the content and only expose children to suitable apps, but also become more informed on apps that may actually prove beneficial to their children. Ones that are recommended by sources they trust and in this instance – teachers. Coinciding with the launch of the new feature, Google states it is taking part in this year's Innovation 2018 conference in Oklahoma discussing with teachers the use and identification of nutritious apps.


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