Google Home Now Supports Three Queries At Once

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Google Home is getting smarter and better at multitasking, as it can now support up to three queries at a time. Google added support for multiple commands on Google Home smart speakers back in November 2017, but only two commands were supported at once. The company said at the time that it was working to improve support and functionality, and now it announced on Twitter that Google Home can handle three queries at once, as long as the users say “and” in between commands and make sure that Google Assistant can handle the task without asking for additional information.

The multiple queries support works with information requests, smart home commands, timers, and other types of clear requests. For instance, users can ask their Google Home to play music, turn up the volume, and turn off the lights in the bedroom. The new feature has limited availability for now, supporting only the English language in the U.S., UK, Australia, and Canada, according to Google. However, it seems to work in some European countries as well. Comments on Google’s announcement indicate that it also works in Germany, and Google replied to one user saying that it should also work in France. The company will likely add support for more languages and regions in the future, but for now the feature is still limited.

Nevertheless, Google is constantly working on improving the experience. The smart home market is gradually expanding and smart speakers are gaining ground, becoming smarter and appealing to more users. Amazon dominates the market with its Alexa-enabled Echo line of smart speakers, but Google Home is catching up and support for more features is essential in this race. Google Assistant is more ubiquitous on Android smartphones and tablets, but smart speakers allow it to truly shine and prove its usefulness. Back in May, at the Google I/O developer conference, Google also announced other improvements for Google Home, including Action Notifications and Routine Suggestions, in addition to multiple queries. The multiple queries support is rolling out to English-speaking users in select regions via the latest firmware update, and it should also improve how Google Assistant understands the commands.