Google Calls For Developers To Star In New #IMakeApps Video


Google celebrated the Android app development community that has helped its platform get to where it is by launching a series of #IMakeApps videos that show the faces behind the apps, and now the company is putting out an open call for developers around the world to share their stories for a chance to be in the newest one. The videos show off the daily lives of the app developers that make Android worth using, giving them a chance to connect with the larger Android community and show that anybody can code, and successful developers who make worthwhile apps can come from any walk of life. If you happen to be an Android developer who's interested in appearing in the upcoming video, check out the source link for this article or the link in the embedded Tweet below.

This open call from Google seeks developers and adjacent parties with only three simple criteria. For starters, you need to be somehow directly involved in app development, whether you're an independent developer, a designer, a coder, a product manager or any other role with a hand in app development on Android. Second, something that you helped create has to be available for public download on Google Play. Finally, Google is looking to tell unique stories, so the requirements call for developers who do "interesting, inspiring, exciting or potentially unexpected things" with their time outside of app development.

The previous videos in this series have zoomed in on developers that restore antique chairs, make art, and explore the world. You obviously don't have to be a superstar in any sense of the word in order to qualify, you just have to do something besides developing apps that is going to draw attention, get Google viewers on the #IMakeApps video series, and potentially inspire others to seek a more fulfilling path in their own lives, or simply get into app development. These videos are, after all, not just a celebration of the Android development community, but an advertisement, an invitation of sorts. Google has a vested interest in seeing more developers in the Android ecosystem, which means that getting interesting yet down-to-earth developers on board for the #IMakeApps series is central to its focus.


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