Final Fantasy XIV's Companion App Launches Next Month

Final Fantasy XIV's companion app is launching next month, in late July to be more precise. Square Enix hasn't given out an exact date yet but it will be towards the end of the month and it'll launch for both Android as well as iOS smartphones, and the app will work regardless of which platform you play the game itself on. The app will come with a multitude of features for players of Final Fantasy XIV, the popular Final Fantasy-based MMORPG for the PS4 and PC, including things like chat so you can talk with friends on the go while they're playing the game, this way you can stay in the loop with what's going on with your friends and Free Company mates.

Like any MMO there's an economy to contend with and that means buying and selling goods to other players, ranging from ingredients for cooking to materials for crafting items, to fully completed pieces of armor and weaponry. All of this is sold on the Market Board, and the companion app will let you utilize moogles to buy and sell for you while you're mobile. Square Enix has set this up to where it will cost a certain fee for you to sell items on the go, and although the exact amount is not known, players will be able to buy the service from moogles with either kupo nuts, an item that's a reward for logging into the app on a daily basis, or mog coins which you can pay for with real-world currency through the app.

Inventory management will be included as well, allowing you to organize your items and clean up that unruly bag space that's been filling up with whatever you were able to carry. The nifty thing about the inventory option is that market board option will be tied into it. There will be a sell button located at the bottom of the screen that when tapped will call up the moogles to sell your items for the associated fee, so you can go through organizing and arranging your items in the order that you want, and simply get rid of the rest by selling it or trashing it. You can even send items to your armory chest. If you play Final Fantasy XIV, then this should be invaluable to you, and you'll want to keep an eye out for its official launch.

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