Files Go Updated With Faster Offline Sharing, ZIP Extraction

Google Files Go Beta AH

The Files Go application, the default files manager app of Android Go devices, is now receiving an update that introduces performance improvements and a new feature. In the latest update, the Files Go app gains the ability to extract the contents of ZIP files, a feature that is already present in a number of third-party file manager applications for a considerable amount of time. This functionality is still useful since a number of websites, including the search giant’s own Google Drive, compress multiple files into a ZIP archive whenever the user wants to download multiple files at the same time.

The latest update to the Files Go app also brings improvements to the software’s offline sharing feature. This functionality allows users to transfer files and images between two devices quickly and securely even without internet connection. This feature uses the Wi-Fi hotspot of the handset, and the transfer of files is secured with WPA2 encryption. The new update increases the maximum file sharing speeds to 455Mbps, which is almost four times faster than the 125Mbps maximum file sharing speeds that the application was previously capable. Moreover, the new update also adds a new Share tab at the bottom of the application, which should make it faster for users to send or receive files offline.

The Files Go application was developed by Google to help owners of Android Go devices better manage the storage of their devices. This is important since Android Go devices usually ship with limited storage capacities, and these can be filled easily with old photographs and files. Through the app, users may check how much storage space is still available on both the internal storage of the smartphone and the microSD card, and users may either transfer files to the microSD card or backup the files to Google Drive directly on the application. The software also makes it easier for users to delete duplicate files, clean cache, and uninstall unused applications. Like other default apps of Android Go devices, this application takes up only a small amount of space in the device’s internal storage, leaving more space available for the files that the user may want to store.