EVE: War Of Ascension Space MMO Finally Lands On Google Play


The Kongregate-published mobile variant of the popular space series EVE, EVE: War of Ascension, has now officially launched on Android. That means players on the platform can finally download the MMO title, taking on a leadership role in building out space stations to dock and create ships with which to explore and dominate space. Of course, as is often the case with games of this scale, there are a couple of caveats that it may be best to get out of the way first. Namely, it isn't available everywhere just yet, including the U.S. However, this game is set to go global, so users shouldn't worry if it isn't showing up on the Play Store for them just yet. In the meantime, the game is also free to play but it's not immediately clear how dependent it will be on its available in-app purchases. Lastly, this is an MMO and requires network connectivity.

Setting that aside, however, the title centers around the building of space stations in one of the games serves – called Star Maps. Hundreds of players will be able to take part in a given Star Map, building alliances called corporations, chatting, and showing off their skills with a customized space station. From there, they'll be able to build out their own ships to try and take over the Star Map by first conquering and then defending various outposts. Throughout the title, there will be various playstyles, upgrades, and more – associated with whatever "field of specialty" is chosen. As already mentioned, that gives players options when it comes to both offense and defense. They can choose to be a relentless warlord or driving goals to win through advanced technological prowess. Conversely, they can choose to take a more balanced approach.

All of those choices in play style will be reflected across the board and stem from the ships a player has chosen to build to the space station modules they've chosen to add. If the devs have managed to avoid the modern day problems with pay-to-win, all of that should converge into what will be a great MMO mobile experience. For those who enjoy these types of games but are tired of repetitive themes and environments, it should also equate to a relatively unique game.


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