DLive Blockchain Android App Will Pay You To Stream Videos


DLive – Live Stream on the Blockchain has officially been launched on Android via the Google Play Store. As its name implies, the application is the official live streaming app from DLive Inc. built on the Steem blockchain. Like other apps in the live-streaming category, DLive is a community for content creators and curators to provide streams of gaming sessions, tutorials, and whatever other original content one might want to live stream. However, unlike those other platforms, DLive's monetization system is both cryptocurrency-based and doesn't require payments to be made to the platform itself. That means users and creators who monetize their streams won't need to pay the company a cut of their profits. That's paid by users through donations, gifts, and upvotes. Moreover, users can also earn tokens from the DLive moderators for referring friends, upvoting, or by leaving worthwhile comments on curated content.

Although this is the first time it's been launched in app form, the platform has actually been around for over six months and has around half a million monthly users. So far, around $2.6 million in the Steem cryptocurrency has been exchanged. Since DLive is blockchain-based, all of those transactions are from users or the moderators – who also have a budget of the currency to provide in return for particularly good content posted on the service. The decentralization is also integral to the way content is curated. Content is surfaced or not based on upvoting and flagging systems which are also built into the app. That means the content is effectively categorized and made more prominent based on how the viewers really feel about it. Meanwhile, users can also view content separated into their own feed, search videos or live streams, chat with users, and set up their own profile just as they would be able to with other streaming platforms. Live streaming from the app is possible with just a tap for those who want to join the community's creators.

With the first launch for Android, the apps developers have said they are hoping to shift the focus in streaming revenue for content creators away from the number of views. Instead, the central tenant to earning money is based on the number of people who enjoy the content and how much they're willing to contribute to the creator.


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