Darkness Rises Hits The Play Store With Visceral Combat


If you're looking for something on the Play Store with satisfying, visually stunning and skillful combat, Nexon's new RPG Darkness Rises is what you want to download. The game brings near-console graphical fidelity to bear by rendering tons of detailed enemies in beautiful environments. Those enemies can be dispatched in a number of ways, including basic attacks, skills, rage attacks, explosive ultimate attacks, and even environmental hazards, in some cases. There are four classes to play, though they are gender-locked; the Warrior and Berserker are male, while the Wizard and Assassin are female. There is an excellent character creator, and your character's look changes with their gear, making each player's style entirely their own.

This game is, at its core, your standard mobile hack n' slash fare. What sets it apart, aside from a few unique extra features, is just how good the combat feels. Every hit carries weight, even for Wizards, and enemies respond appropriately to being hit. This just-so feeling is accompanied by the ability to run fast and slam into enemies to start a combo, as well as a number of skills. When facing down weak enemies or a weakened boss, you can employ a rage attack to finish off one or more foes quickly and very brutally. To be sure, this is a gory game. The story sees you playing one of four characters in a war effort against an orc invasion, though all is not exactly as it seems. The game also has some very unique mechanics; the wizard class, for example, can Soul Link with certain defeated enemies and pilot their bodies around for a few minutes. This makes for some truly epic moments, like smashing a dragon into a phalanx of burning orcs and taking them all down at once, including a buff warrior of the same sort that just gave you serious trouble a couple chapters ago.

On the more technical side, let it be known that this game suffers from long-winded tutorials that seem never-ending, and you'll have to serve your time with each new character you make. The game will, at one point, tell you that the tutorial is over, but it just means that you've finished the main tutorial. You can expect the restrictive guiding hand icon to make an appearance on several occasions. Once you're granted access to the options menu after the third or fourth battle, or if you delve into it before starting the game, you'll find a number of options for sound, and graphical settings that can be fine-tuned to make for a jaw-droppingly beautiful game or to run on lower-end devices. Finally, PvP is indeed on board, but it's locked behind story chapters. It comes in teh form of ranked matches, duels, team matches, and skirmishes. Co-operative gameplay is also an option, and you can run a dungeon with a friend or grab a spot in a raid for now. A third option seems to be coming soon.


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