Chinese Police Installed Software On My Phone, Tourist Says

A rather interesting story appeared on Reddit recently, it was shared by a Reddit user “u/BigTyPB”. A user who shared the story was visiting China not long ago, and he claims that the Chinese border police actually installed some sort of software on both his and his wife’s smartphones, and based on one of the smartphones models, we’re presuming that the married couple is from the US. In the post itself, he is wondering if he can remove that software by performing a hard reset of both smartphones.

The married couple was presumably visiting China, and the aforementioned software was installed on the Moto X4 and Huawei Mate 9 smartphones. The user claims that he saw the installation process with his own eyes, and that they used some sort of a handheld device to confirm that the software was installed on the Moto X4 and Huawei Mate 9, and that it is communicating with their device. He also claims that some sort of an icon appeared on both his phone, and his wife’s device, but that the icon disappeared soon after that. He’s not sure whether the two phones are now rooted or not, nor does he know how to handle the issue, which is why he’s wondering if a hard reset will resolve the problem. Reddit may not be the best place for such questions, though, if the incident really took place, as it may be wiser to take those devices to the police, or something of the sort.

As expected, all sorts of answers / suggestions appeared on Reddit, a user “davissec” even offered to take both devices off of u/BigTyPB’s hands in order to install malware on them, and that user even offered to buy replacement phones if u/BigTyPB agrees to give up both phones. All in all, this is a rather interesting and a bit scary story at the same time, though nobody can confirm if it’s true or not.

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