Weekly Poll: Are You Considering The BlackBerry KEY2 For Your Next Phone?


The BlackBerry KEY2 was officially announced this week, and although much of the design of the device was leaked well before the reveal, there were still tidbits of information about the phone as a whole which were not known until BlackBerry Mobile and TCL made an announcement about the followup to to the BlackBerry KEYone. Some of this information happened to be specifications, while some of it revolved around features of the phone and other new elements, such as the new button on the physical keyboard called the Speed Key, which focuses on making it possible for users to more quickly access all of the things on the phone that they engage with the most.

The KEY2 is also the first BlackBerry phone to come with dual rear cameras, something which many other smartphones have already achieved in terms of specs and is a trend in smartphones which has been around for the past few years at least. This is a big step forward for BlackBerry phones, not because two cameras on the back of a device is a revolutionary thing, but simply because no other BlackBerry has had such a feature, and whether or not it ends up being one of the top phones for photos it will certainly afford users who own one a collective of new picture-taking possibilities thanks to the inclusion of features which come along with a second main camera sensor.

In addition to the dual camera, a new key dedicated to helping users access things more quickly, and a refreshed design that BlackBerry Mobile is hailing as "iconic," the KEY2 boasts other decent specs that loyal BlackBerry fans can look forward to, and some which those who may have loved BlackBerry devices in the past just might consider coming back to one for, such as Oreo software, an improved keyboard for a better typing experience, and more.


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