Android Messages Material Redesign In The Works


Android Messages, the default RCS messaging app for Android created by Google, has a new update that hides an upcoming redesign according to Google's new Material Design standards. It's worth keeping in mind that some things about the redesign could change between now and the final release date, but it looks pretty well in line with other offerings from Google that have been redesigned recently to conform to the new standards. As a bonus, there are also search filters and GIF search functionality on board in this update.

The blue highlights that previously marked most of the app are gone in this redesign, leaving behind a pure and minimalist white UI that's almost clinical in its rigid execution and stark patterns. There have also been some slight changes to tabbed interfaces, and the new GIF search mirrors other Material redesigned apps in that regard. What splashes of color are left in the app are used to highlight things that should jump out at the user, such as different categories in certain interfaces, or important set pieces like the main button in a section of the app where you can only do one thing or go back to where you were.

Google has been rolling out a new version of Material Design with some slight changes and clearer guidelines for developers. Dubbed Material Design 2.0 at first, it was later revealed to be an evolution of Material Design that was punctuated by the debut of theĀ Material Theme Engine. This new development made it easier than ever for developers, including Google, to make major changes to their apps' designs, and incorporate Material Design elements a la carte or in a sweeping fashion. The evolved guidelines stick more closely to the spirit of the original Material Design, making everything in the Android world look a bit more seamless. This full-integration approach is meant to help developers create apps that blend in with Android, rather than being forced to exist alongside it.


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