Android Message For Web Official Site Goes Live

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The website for Android Messages for Web, which will allow users of the popular SMS app for Android to continue messaging while away from their phone, has officially gone live. For the time being, however, the update for the mobile app itself doesn’t appear to be widely rolled out yet. So not every user will immediately have access to the feature, which has been reported on since early this year. The updated app arrives as version number to 3.3.043 or later and will allow the two services to be linked via QR code. Users also don’t need to be using Google Chrome to access the service, as it should work from nearly any browser. That could easily move Android Messages to the top in terms of being the most useful text messaging app on the platform.

It goes without saying that the link needs to be performed in a given browser before the service will work. That’ll need to be done from any browser a user plans to access the text messages from but will only need to be done once, as long as a user flips the toggle to “Remember this computer.” That’s visible on the web version of the new feature, rather than the Android application itself. In any case, users will need to scan the QR code with the Android app’s built-in scanner to get started. That’s available following the update via the primary three-dot menu. The option is aptly marked with the title “Messages for Web.” Following that, as long as a user’s smartphone is turned on and connected to Wi-Fi, they’ll be able to receive their messages on a linked Wi-Fi connected browser.

The web app itself features a U.I. that’s very similar to the Android app. There are also a decent number of settings which can be tweaked to the user’s preference. That includes turning on or off notifications and previews of messages in notifications. Users can also choose to “forget” the current computer and browser by turning off the “Remember this computer” toggle in the settings and get notifications if their connected mobile device leaves Wi-Fi. The latter of those options should be useful for those who are anything less than an unlimited plan with their service provider. A dark theme is also available and accessibility options allow for a second, high-contrast mode. Finally, keyboard shortcuts can be activated or deactivated in the settings as well.

Messages for Web